Grays Harbor Raceway

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Grays Harbor Raceway

Grays Harbor Raceway

Grays Harbor Raceway photo by Adventure Photography

Zach Simpson, Shane Kerrigan, Max Sanford victorious at Grays Harbor Raceway


Grays Harbor Raceway

Zach Simpson, Shane Kerrigan, Max Sanford victorious at Grays Harbor Raceway

Zach Simpson, Shane Kerrigan, Max Sanford victorious at Grays Harbor Raceway


Elma, WA -

On a beautiful Saturday at Grays Harbor Raceway we had 3 classes of car racing on the ?’s Clay Oval. Zach Simpson picked up the IMCA Modified won, Shane Kerrigan won the Super Stock main event, and Max Sanford made it back to back wins in the hornet main event.

In the IMCA Modifieds Brandon Hoekstra would take the lead from the outside of row 1 and a caution for Jeff Westergard after contact with Tyson Blood would slow the field. On the restart Hoekstra would take the lead and lead the first 16 laps where Zack Simpson would take the lead on lap 17 and lead the rest of the way that would go green to checkered after the one stoppage. There would be great battle throughout the field and the top 5 wasn’t decided until late. Rounding out your top 5 was Brenton Schnitzer, Austin Rognlin, Jeff Hunt, and Craig Moore. Your Elma Lanes Hard Charger was Zack Simpson +9 and your heat race winners earlier in the night were Jeff Westergard, Brian Harding, and Zach Simpson and the B main winner was Brian Izzi.

Payton Harding would take the lead after an early caution for Dale Vacknitz and Cory Sweatman and Tylor Sundstrom would come up through the field into second and third. On lap 5 things would get really exciting up front and Sweatman would take the lead and Harding would make contact coming out of 4 and he would really have to drive the car down the front stretch to save it which would give the lead to Sundstrom, but the caution would come out for a slowing Sweatman and going back to the last lap the lead would go back to Harding. There was a couple late restarts with Jason Parmalee taking the lead and Max Sanford would get by and make it back to back wins, followed by Payton Harding, Jason Parmelee, Joel Baxter, and Jadin Miller.

Seven cars took the green flag with the Kerrigans taking it to the front with Austin Kerrigan taking the lead over his dad until lap 4 where he slowed and Shane Kerrigan took the lead. Shane Kerrigan would go on to lead the rest of the way to the win, but there would be a lot of action behind him. On lap 8 Jayson Wolcott would be in second and a great battle between Tom Hecker and Larry Paladin and all of a sudden Wolcott would stop and Hecker with no where to go would make heavy contact to the back of Wolcott ending Wolcott’s night. Hecker was able to continue and had a great late battle with Paladin after Rex Noble lost a motor on the white flag lap, but Paladin spun battling Hecker leaving just Kerrigan and Hecker to finish the race. Shane Kerrigan would also pick up the heat race win earlier in the night.

We are off this Saturday, but we celebrate Fathers Day on Sunday with the Timber Cup featuring 410 Narc Series Sprint Cars, IMCA Modifieds, PHRA Dwarf Cars, and a Giant Fireworks show to end the night. Spectator gates open at 4 with qualifying at 5pm and opening ceremonies at 6pm.. Additional information is available at and on social media by searching Grays Harbor Raceway on facebook or instagram.

Proud member of Contingency Connection’s $100,000 Racer Rewards Program.

IMCA Modified 22 Entries
A Feature 1 25 Laps

  1. 48-Zach Simpson[10]; 2. 87K-Brenton Schnitzer[4]; 3. 81R-Austin Rognlin[3]; 4. 419-Jeff Hunt[5]; 5. M14-Craig Moore[9]; 6. 27H-Brandon Hoekstra[2]; 7. 97TB-Tyson Blood[12]; 8. 28-Brian Harding[7]; 9. 26-Scott Miller[11]; 10. 17-Brian Izzi[16]; 11. 28S-Jake Sorenson[15]; 12. 1-Riley Scherer[8]; 13. 45-Gene Miller[13]; 14. 53H-John Higgenbottom[1]; 15. 16-Chaz Wilder[17]; 16. 34-Jason Tole[14]; 17. V8-Steve Peters[18]; 18. 66-Jeff Westergard[6]
    B Feature 1 12 Laps
  2. 17-Brian Izzi[2]; 2. 16-Chaz Wilder[6]; 3. V8-Steve Peters[3]; 4. 0-Zach Dalrymple[4]; 5. 97-Rodger Perry[5]; 6. 23C-Ron Comfort[1]; 7. (DNS) 15-Clyde White
    Heat 1 8 Laps
  3. 66-Jeff Westergard[5]; 2. 87K-Brenton Schnitzer[4]; 3. 26-Scott Miller[7]; 4. M14-Craig Moore[6]; 5. 45-Gene Miller[8]; 6. 23C-Ron Comfort[1]; 7. 0-Zach Dalrymple[2]; 8. (DNS) 15-Clyde White
    Heat 2 8 Laps
  4. 28-Brian Harding[5]; 2. 97TB-Tyson Blood[7]; 3. 53H-John Higgenbottom[2]; 4. 419-Jeff Hunt[4]; 5. 34-Jason Tole[6]; 6. 17-Brian Izzi[3]; 7. 97-Rodger Perry[1]
    Heat 3 8 Laps
  5. 48-Zach Simpson[6]; 2. 81R-Austin Rognlin[3]; 3. 27H-Brandon Hoekstra[2]; 4. 1-Riley Scherer[5]; 5. 28S-Jake Sorenson[4]; 6. V8-Steve Peters[7]; 7. 16-Chaz Wilder[1]

Super Stocks 8 Entries
A Feature 1 20 Laps

  1. 43K-Shane Kerrigan[1]; 2. 5-Tom Hecker[3]; 3. 2-Larry Paladin[7]; 4. 52-Rex Noble[4]; 5. 83-Jayson Wolcott[2]; 6. AK47-Austin Kerrigan[8]; 7. 34-Dylan Sims[6]; 8. (DNS) 19S-Steve Vonheeder
    Heat 1 8 Laps
  2. 43K-Shane Kerrigan[4]; 2. AK47-Austin Kerrigan[5]; 3. 2-Larry Paladin[1]; 4. 83-Jayson Wolcott[8]; 5. 5-Tom Hecker[3]; 6. 52-Rex Noble[6]; 7. 19S-Steve Vonheeder[2]; 8. 34-Dylan Sim

Hornets 23 Entries
A Feature 1 15 Laps

  1. 3-Max Sanford[15]; 2. 29-Payton Harding[1]; 3. 33X-Jason Parmelee[14]; 4. 325-Joel Baxster[10]; 5. 44M-Jadin Miller[18]; 6. 83-Jeff Sines[13]; 7. 88D-Daisha Stevens[12]; 8. 52-Kendra Scherer[17]; 9. 1S-Cory Sweatman[8]; 10. 23-Tyler Sundstrom[16]; 11. 13XXX-Don Briggs Sr[11]; 12. 20P-Landon Pruett[6]; 13. 21K-Kenny Miles[7]; 14. 07-Jeff Hatton[2]; 15. 18-Brandon Tyler[4]; 16. 41-Scott Reed[3]; 17. 423-Randy Goodman[9]; 18. 3V-Dale Vacknitz Jr[5]
    B Feature 1 8 Laps
  2. 23-Tyler Sundstrom[7]; 2. 13XXX-Don Briggs Sr; 3. 44M-Jadin Miller[1]; 4. 52-Kendra Scherer[3]; 5. 53-Riley Ramalho[2]; 6. 88-Ryan Stevens[5]; 7. 51-Drew Spalding[8]; 8. 73-Nick Sheats[4]
    Heat 1 8 Laps
  3. 29-Payton Harding[3]; 2. 18-Brandon Tyler[1]; 3. 07-Jeff Hatton[8]; 4. 423-Randy Goodman[6]; 5. 88D-Daisha Stevens[4]; 6. 44M-Jadin Miller[5]; 7. 73-Nick Sheats[7]; 8. (DNS) 23-Tyler Sundstrom
    Heat 2 8 Laps
  4. 41-Scott Reed[5]; 2. 3V-Dale Vacknitz Jr[2]; 3. 21K-Kenny Miles[3]; 4. 325-Joel Baxster[7]; 5. 83-Jeff Sines[6]; 6. 53-Riley Ramalho[8]; 7. 88-Ryan Stevens[4]; 8. (DNS) 51-Drew Spalding
    Heat 3 8 Laps
  5. 3-Max Sanford[3]; 2. 20P-Landon Pruett[6]; 3. 1S-Cory Sweatman[4]; 4. 13XXX-Don Briggs Sr[7]; 5. 33X-Jason Parmelee[2]; 6. 52-Kendra Scherer[1]; 7. (DNS) 63-craig Mounts
    Photos By Chance Dennis

Article Credit: Shaun Hulbert

Submitted By: Shaun Hulbert

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