Grays Harbor Raceway

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Grays Harbor Raceway

Grays Harbor Raceway

Grays Harbor Raceway photo by Adventure Photography

Bergman Pockets $5000, Ashley and Howard Victorious at Battle Royale Finale!


Grays Harbor Raceway

Bergman Pockets $5000, Ashley and Howard Victorious at Battle Royale Finale!

Bergman Pockets $5000, Ashley and Howard Victorious at Battle Royale Finale!
By: Aaron Reed
Photos by Josh Bryantt

The final night of the Elma Hall of Fame 360 Battle Royale saw a great field of 360 Sprint Cars, Wingless Sprint Series and PHRA Dwarf Cars in action on the 3/6 banked clay oval.

360 Sprint Cars

33 360 sprint cars signed in with $5000 on the line for the Elma Hall of Fame 360 Battle Royale. Sacramento, CA driver Kalib Henry and Seth Bergman of Owasso, OK set the front row for the 30-lap feature. Bergman took the early lead, as Henry had tough company from Marysville's Colton Heath, and Clovis, CA driver Dominic Gorden. Trey Starks of Puyallup joined in on the battle for a podium spot, getting by Gorden and setting his sights on Heath for third. Bergman set a blistering pace, starting out running the high side, and then changed his line to the low side of turn three and four. Henry ran the high side, as did Heath. Starks ran the bottom of the raceway. Bergman saw lap traffic ahead, allowing Henry to close in. Bergman maneuvered his way through traffic, putting lapped car between himself and Henry. Starks worked his way by Heath, looking to catch Bergman and Henry. Ashton Torgerson of Glendale, AZ looked to work his way into the top five, battling with Gorden. Midway through the feature Bergman made contact with the front stretch wall with his right rear, still continuing his blistering pace. Henry and Starks battled for second for numerous laps. Gorden and Torgerson made their way by Heath, looking for a top five finish. Bergman picked up the win and $5000 in a green to checkered finish. Henry, Starks, Gorden, and Torgerson rounded out the top five. Two sets of heat races were ran earlier in the evening. The first set saw Harrisburg, Ore's Tyler Thompson, Gorden, Lethbridge, Alberta driver Kelly Miller and John Clark of Windsor, CA pick up the win. The second set saw Boise, Idaho's Logan Forler, Starks, Torgerson and Caeden Steele of Fresno, CA victorious. The B-Main saw Kyle Alberding of Winston, Ore pick up the win, with Corbyn Fauver of Everett getting the final transfer spot.

Wingless Sprint Series

Elma's Garrett Thomas took the early lead in the 30-lap feature event. Springfield, Ore driver Ricky Ashley ran in the second spot, staying within striking distance of Thomas. The battle for third saw James Bundy of Marysville and Sherwood, Ore driver Rob Lindsey put on a show for the fans. Forrest Grove, Ore's JoJo Batalgia made it a three-car battle, looking for a podium spot. Thomas put some distance on Ashley, as Bundy and Lindsey duked it out for the fourth third, Batalgia looked low and took over fourth from Lindsey. Lap 8 saw the caution flag fly for Jeff Pearson of Conway, spinning in turn one. Ashley looked to make a bid for the lead at Thomas, getting to the back bumper. Batalgia looked to the low side of Bundy, to try and take over third. Batalgia moved into a podium spot, bringing Lindsey, shuffling Bundy back to fifth. The battle for the lead started to heat up. Ashley made a pass off turn two on lap 12, taking over the lead. A late restart allowed Thomas a chance at taking the lead back from Ashley. Thomas stayed close for a handful of laps, but Ashley slowly put some distance, and picked up the win. Thomas, Batalgia, Rob Lindsey and Chad Lindsey of Sherwood, Ore rounded out the top five. Thomas and Batalgia both picked up heat race wins, with Thomas picking up fast time.

PHRA Dwarf Cars

Mollala, Ore driver Henry Corbin III and Kent's Tyler Howard set the front row. Both drivers raced side by side with Corbin III taking the lead. Corey Estaban of Gaston, Ore worked his way into third, with Anthony Pope of Roseburg, Ore right on his back bumper. The top four were within striking distance. Mike Chadwick of Hillsboro, Ore joined in, as Pope worked his way into third and Chadwick into fourth. Howard took the lead from Corbin III, just as the battle for third ensued. Howard put some slight distance between Corbin III, with Pope looking to strike for second. Pope worked his way into second, bringing Chadwick with him, Corbin III shuffled back to fourth. Howard continued his lead on the rest of the field, as he has been on a hot streak at Grays Harbor Raceway for the 2023 season. Pope saw tough company from Chadwick, looking to work his way into the runner up position. Chadwick and Pope raced side by side, as Estaban looked to join in. Howard extended his lead, leaving the battle for Pope and Chadwick. Late in the feature Chadwick worked his way into second, looking to make up a lot of ground on Howard. Pope continued in third, as Estaban and Corbin III rounded out the top five. Howard saw some lap traffic, allowing Chadwick to close in slightly, but it was Howard picking up the win over Chadwick, Pope, Corbin III and Estaban. Heat race winners earlier in the evening were Estaban and Pope.

Grays Harbor Raceway will be back in action next Friday and Saturday night for Monster Slam 23, featuring Monster Trucks, and side by side racing. For ticket prices and times, go to

Grays Harbor Raceway
July 23, 2023
Elma Hall of Fame 360 Battle Royale - Night 2

360 Sprint Cars
Heat 1A:

  1. 7 Tyler Thompson, 2. 17 Cam Smith, 3. 44W Austen Wheatley, 4. 72 Phil Dietz, 5. 2L Logan Forler, 6. 8 Colby Thornhill, 7. 33 Kyle Alberding, 8. 34 TJ Richman

Heat 2A:

  1. 10 Dominic Gorden, 2. 55 Trey Starks, 3. 9 Sean MacDonell, 4. 24 Jordi Meese, 5. 15 Jeff Dunlap, 6. 28R Eric Rockl, 7. 21 Johnny Burke

Heat 3A:

  1. 2JR Kelly Miller, 2. 2X Justin Sanders, 3. 11 Evan Margeson, 4. 02 Ashton Torgerson, 5. 1K Kinzer Cox, 6. F1 Corbyn Fauver, 7. 21s Jesse Schlotfeldt

Heat 4A:

  1. 12J John Clark, 2. 121 Caeden Steele, 3. 37 Trever Kirkland, 4. 0J Jay Cole, 5. 77 Levi Klatt, 6. 51 Tim Martin, 7. 10G Dana Glenn

Heat 1B:

  1. Forler, 2. Alberding, 3. Thompson, 4. Thornhill, 5. Dietz, 6. Smith, 7. Wheatley, 8. Richman

Heat 2B:

  1. Starks, 2. Gorden, 3. MacDonell, 4. Dunlap, 5. Burke, 6. Rockl, 7. Meese

Heat 3B:

  1. Torgerson, 2. Cox, 3. Fauver, 4. Sanders, 5. Schlotfeldt, 6. Margeson, 7. Miller

Heat 4B:

  1. Steele, 2. Klatt, 3. Clark, 4. Cole, 5. Martin, 6. Glenn

B-Main (Top 2 transfer):

  1. Alberding, 2. Fauver, 3. Thornhill, 4. Wheatley, 5. Dunlap, 6. Burke, 7. Schlotfeldt, 8. Rockl, 9. Martin, 10. Richman, 11. Meese


  1. Bergman, 2. Henry, 3. Starks, 4. Gorden, 5. Torgerson, 6. Steele, 7. Forler, 8. Heath, 9. Sanders, 10. Goetz, 11. Miller, 12. Clark, 13. Smith, 14. Cox, 15. MacDonell, 16. Kirkland, 17. Fauver, 18. Dietz, 19. Alberding, 20. Klatt, 21. Thompson, 22. Cole

Wingless Sprint Series
Fast Time:
9 Garrett Thomas

Heat 1:

  1. 9 Garrett Thomas, 2. 8H Lance Hallmark, 3. 85 Ricky Ashley, 4. 67X Destry Miller, 5. 18 Gene Cannon, 6. 8 Tonny Offutt, 7. 00B Ronnie Cox

Heat 2:

  1. 39 JoJo Batalgia, 2. 57 James Bundy, 3. 23 Rob Lindsey, 4. 48 Chad Lindsey, 5. 00G Jeff Pearson, 6. 33 Victoria Woolf


  1. Thomas, 2. Ashley, 3. Bundy, 4. Rob Lindsey, 5. Hallmark, 6. Chad Lindsey


  1. Ashley, 2. Thomas, 3. Batalgia, 4. Rob Lindsey, 5. Chad Lindsey, 6. Hallmark, 7. Miller, 8. Woolf, 9. Bundy, 10. Cannon, 11. Pearson, 12. Offutt

PHRA Dwarf Cars
Heat 1:

  1. 36 Corey Estaban, 2. 54o Dave Brune, 3. 89Z Henry Corbin III, 4. 96 Mike Shoen, 5. 17X Crystal Flath, 6. 92K Chris Hutson, 7. 7K George Fisher

Heat 2:

  1. 88 Anthony Pope, 2. 19 Mike Chadwick, 3. 23 Tylor Howard, 4. 53 Rob Glenny, 5. 00X Doug Pirtle, 6. 7C Mike Cossey, 7. 90Z Henry Corbin II


  1. Howard, 2. Chadwick, 3. Pope, 4. Corbin III, 5. Estaban, 6. Shoen, 7. Glenney, 8. Flath, 9. Cossey, 10. Pirtle, 11. Hutson, 12. Fisher, 13. Corbin II

Article Credit: Aaron Reed

Submitted By: Shaun Hulbert

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