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Season, 360 Nationals & WoO Tickets On Sale!
Renovation projects underway at Grays Harbor Raceway!
Grays Harbor Modifieds Rules
2014 GHR Schedule
Season, 360 Nationals & WoO Tickets On Sale!

Season, 360 Nationals & WoO Tickets On...

3/31/2014 -
You can now purchase your Season Tickets, 360 Nationals Tickets and World of Outlaws tickets by calling our ticket hotline at 360-757-6959. For a reserved seat you must purchase all days of the event.
Renovation projects underway at Grays Harbor Raceway!

Renovation projects underway at Grays...

3/20/2014 -
Renovation projects underway at Grays Harbor Raceway! The ink is barely dry on the contract and the Funtime Promotions Team at Grays Harbor Raceway are at full speed! There are many renovation projects getting underway as the
Grays Harbor Modifieds Rules

Grays Harbor Modifieds Rules

2/4/2014 -
The Modified class at Grays Harbor Raceway and Skagit Speedway will continue with the same rules package that was established for the 2013 season. The phase in period is still in affect and will be followed as it was intended. "I
2014 GHR Schedule

2014 GHR Schedule

1/30/2014 -
The 2014 season schedule has finally been completed! Thanks to all our fans and racers for your patience as we waited for the contract to be awarded at Grays Harbor Raceway. This allowed us to build an interactive schedule.
  • Grays Harbor Raceway
  • 32 Elma McCleary Road
  • Elma, WA 98541
  • 360-482-4374


Grays Harbor Raceway - 2013


As of September 14, 2013
PosDriverWinsTop 5Top 10FeaturesPointsGap
1Joe German281213469.00-0
2Tom Sweatman191213465.00-4
3Scott Miller191113452.00-17
4Zack Simpson24911388.00-81
5Jeff Foster17811386.00-83
6Carl Larson21011376.00-93
7Del Schnitzer2611353.00-116
8Kris Asche3810333.00-136
9Scott Westley69291.00-178
10Alan Muenchow1267239.00-230
11Craig Moore2556222.00-247
12Kyler Moore145177.00-292
13Josh Muller1135170.00-299
14Kevin Keller25164.00-305
15Jerry Schram224126.00-343
16Rayun McMichael124123.00-346
17James Wolford13119.00-350
18Gene Miller14113.00-356
19Mark Carrell22495.00-374
20Bryan Gray2394.00-375
21Morgan Criswell1483.00-386
22Jeremy Shank122278.00-391
23Kyle Casson12271.00-398
24Doug Lockwood2268.00-401
25Craig Hanson259.00-410
26Nick Trenchard11254.00-415
27Lawrence O'Connor1151.00-418
28Mark Wauge251.00-418
29Jesse Bailey143.00-426
30Matt Jenner142.00-427
31Jesse Williamson111140.00-429
32Jeremy Richey11139.00-430
33Monte Bischoff11136.00-433
34Blair Shoemaker1135.00-434
35Dane Smith1134.00-435
36Albert Gill1133.00-436
37Brody Pompe133.00-436
38Floyd Livingston1132.00-437
39Curtis Towns1132.00-437
40Bill Rowe230.00-439
41Tanner Baldwin128.00-441
42Sean Fox126.00-443
43Will Taylor126.00-443
44Brian Poppa125.00-444
45Aaron Sheelar125.00-444
46Randy Ward225.00-444
47Doug Davenport124.00-445
48Tom Berry Jr.123.00-446
49Gus Cooper121.00-448
50Matt Mitchell120.00-449
51Troy McElroy117.00-452
52Chris Hallberg016.00-453
53Steven Sturdevant016.00-453
54Jeremy Brookshire014.00-455
55Todd Hardesty014.00-455
56Graham Cook013.00-456
57Kevin Hewitt013.00-456
58David Bottoms011.00-458
59Larry Buchanan011.00-458
60Curt Coggins011.00-458
61David Day011.00-458
62Shawn Dorie011.00-458
63Joey Tanner011.00-458
64Jake Vanortwick011.00-458
65Collen Winebarger011.00-458
66Bubba Foster00.00-469
67Travis Peery00.00-469
68Rob Sjogren10.00-469
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