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Car Owners Meeting Saturday January 24th
2015 Swap Meet | January 31
MONSTER SLAM 15 Tears Into GHR August 29!
2015 Tentative Schedule Released
ASCS National Tour Returns to GHR
Car Owners Meeting Saturday January 24th

Car Owners Meeting Saturday January 24th

1/14/2015 -
There will be a car owners meeting for all classes January 24th at the Grays Harbor Fairgrounds in the 'Dog Barn' (located to the left of the ticket gates to the race track). The meeting will be from 1:00pm - 4:00pm and will
2015 Swap Meet | January 31

2015 Swap Meet | January 31

1/5/2015 -
The 2015 Season Kick-Off Swap Meet is right around the corner! Join us on January 31 from 8am - 2pm at the Burlington-Edison High School main parking lot and stay warm with fresh coffee, bagels, and muffins from Golden Buckle
MONSTER SLAM 15 Tears Into GHR August 29!

MONSTER SLAM 15 Tears Into GHR August...

12/27/2014 -
With the 2015 season quickly approaching, Funtime Promotions is pleased to announce for the first time ever Grays Harbor Raceway will host "Monster Slam 15" Monster truck and Tough Truck Challenge Saturday August 29th! "This is
2015 Tentative Schedule Released

2015 Tentative Schedule Released

12/5/2014 -
Funtime Promotions is excited to release the first full schedule since taking over the management of Grays Harbor Raceway. With 26-28 dates set it will be a great season for the fans and racers! The season kicks off with the
ASCS National Tour Returns to GHR

ASCS National Tour Returns to GHR

10/14/2014 -
The ASCS National Sprint Car Tour will return to their northwest anchor track of Grays Harbor Raceway July 3rd & 4th 2015. The event will be renamed 'The Fred Brownfield Classic'. This weekend will closeout the richest week of
  • Grays Harbor Raceway
  • 32 Elma McCleary Road
  • Elma, WA 98541
  • 360-482-4374

Event Profile

8/9/2014 at Grays Harbor Raceway

8/9/2014 at Grays Harbor Raceway

“Budweiser Night at the Fair Race”. - FREE ADMISSION! | Elma, WA


A Feature

20 lapsPresented by Shipwreck Beads
1-Mark CarrellRemond, OR27
2-Craig MooreSeabeck, WA14M
3-Carl LarsonCastle Rock, WA55
4-Kris AscheShelton, WA50K
5-Josh MullerMinot, ND3M
6-Austin KerriganAberdeen, WA47
7-Scott MillerShelton, WA26
8-Alan MuenchowShelton, WA6M
9-Bill Rowe4R
10-Brian GrayTracy, CA
11-Scott WestleyCentralia, WA93
12-David BottomsRidgefield, WA46
13-Gene MillerOlympia, WA34
14-Morgan CriswellVancouver, WA9K
15-Dave Burns1D
16-Matt Arnold13M
17-Steve SignalOlympia, WA47
18-Kyler MooreSeabeck, WA14K

Heat 1

8 laps
1-Josh MullerMinot, ND3M
2-Carl LarsonCastle Rock, WA55
3-Kris AscheShelton, WA50K
4-Gene MillerOlympia, WA34
5-Craig MooreSeabeck, WA14M
6-Austin KerriganAberdeen, WA47
7-Dave Burns1D
8-Bill Rowe4R
9-Scott WestleyCentralia, WA93
10-Steve SignalOlympia, WA47

Heat 2

8 laps
1-Scott MillerShelton, WA26
2-Mark CarrellRemond, OR27
3-Kyler MooreSeabeck, WA14K
4-Alan MuenchowShelton, WA6M
5-Morgan CriswellVancouver, WA9K
6-Brian GrayTracy, CA
7-Matt Arnold13M
8-David BottomsRidgefield, WA46

Street Stocks

A Feature

20 laps
1-Wayne LemonDurack, QLD
2-Don BriggsWishkah, WA13XXX
3-Austin KerriganAberdeen, WAAK47
4-Brenton SchnitzerShelton, WA5S
5-Tim Phillips7
6-Will MadisonSequim, WA4X
7-Eddie BloodOlympia, WA97
8-Shannon Redell3D
9-Mike KnoxTacoma, WA40
10-Kelly Fugate22X
11-Brian IzziHoquiam, WA17
12-Tom HeckerSpanaway, WA5
13-Cory SweatmanCosmopolis, WA11
14-Jason ToleHoquiam, WA34
15-Michael Brewster12X
16-Matt BabcockHoquiam, WA99
17-Michael Clingen91

Heat 1

8 laps
1-Tom HeckerSpanaway, WA5
2-Brenton SchnitzerShelton, WA5S
3-Matt BabcockHoquiam, WA99
4-Wayne LemonDurack, QLD
5-Will MadisonSequim, WA4X
6-Kelly Fugate22X
7-Brian IzziHoquiam, WA17
8-Austin KerriganAberdeen, WAAK47
9-Michael Brewster12X
10-Daryl Brumfield42

Heat 2

8 laps
1-Jason ToleHoquiam, WA34
2-Eddie BloodOlympia, WA97
3-Tim Phillips7
4-Don BriggsWishkah, WA13XXX
5-Shannon Redell3D
6-Mike KnoxTacoma, WA40
7-Scott Madison4
8-Michael Clingen91
9-Ryan HaneyElma, WA67
10-Taylor Miller19


A Feature

15 laps
1-Jeff DanielOcean Shores, WA14
2-Chad NortonTenino, WA75
3-Brittany Diggle96
4-Dale Vacknitz JrOcean Shores, WA8
5-Bo Jones
6-Melvin Welch8
7-John Irvin4X
8-Dale VacknitzOcean Shores, WA4X

Heat 1

8 laps
1-Chad NortonTenino, WA75
2-Jeff DanielOcean Shores, WA14
3-Bo Jones
4-Willie WrightAberdeen, WA17
5-Dale Vacknitz JrOcean Shores, WA8
6-Ryan O'Nasch11
7-Brittany Diggle96
8-Melvin Welch8
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