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Season, 360 Nationals & WoO Tickets On Sale!
Renovation projects underway at Grays Harbor Raceway!
Grays Harbor Modifieds Rules
2014 GHR Schedule
Season, 360 Nationals & WoO Tickets On Sale!

Season, 360 Nationals & WoO Tickets On...

3/31/2014 -
You can now purchase your Season Tickets, 360 Nationals Tickets and World of Outlaws tickets by calling our ticket hotline at 360-757-6959. For a reserved seat you must purchase all days of the event.
Renovation projects underway at Grays Harbor Raceway!

Renovation projects underway at Grays...

3/20/2014 -
Renovation projects underway at Grays Harbor Raceway! The ink is barely dry on the contract and the Funtime Promotions Team at Grays Harbor Raceway are at full speed! There are many renovation projects getting underway as the
Grays Harbor Modifieds Rules

Grays Harbor Modifieds Rules

2/4/2014 -
The Modified class at Grays Harbor Raceway and Skagit Speedway will continue with the same rules package that was established for the 2013 season. The phase in period is still in affect and will be followed as it was intended. "I
2014 GHR Schedule

2014 GHR Schedule

1/30/2014 -
The 2014 season schedule has finally been completed! Thanks to all our fans and racers for your patience as we waited for the contract to be awarded at Grays Harbor Raceway. This allowed us to build an interactive schedule.
  • Grays Harbor Raceway
  • 32 Elma McCleary Road
  • Elma, WA 98541
  • 360-482-4374

Event Profile

8/31/2013 at Grays Harbor Raceway

8/31/2013 at Grays Harbor Raceway

Harbor Classic Weekend | Elma, WA


A Feature

14Alan MuenchowShelton, WA6M
27Joe GermanWishkah, WA75X
38Tom SweatmanCosmopolis, WA11
410Jerry SchramVancouver, WA16
55Scott MillerShelton, WA26
61Carl LarsonCastle Rock, WA55
711Doug LockwoodAloha, OR66
812James WolfordSeabeck, WA58
99Josh MullerMinot, ND3M
102Scott WestleyCentralia, WA93
113Del SchnitzerShelton, WA44
126Zack SimpsonHoquiam, WA12

Heat 1

1-Scott MillerShelton, WA26
2-Jerry SchramVancouver, WA16
3-Joe GermanWishkah, WA75X
4-Carl LarsonCastle Rock, WA55
5-Doug LockwoodAloha, OR66
6-Del SchnitzerShelton, WA44
DNS-Jeff FosterMcCleary, WA8

Heat 2

1-Tom SweatmanCosmopolis, WA11
2-Josh MullerMinot, ND3M
3-James WolfordSeabeck, WA58
4-Alan MuenchowShelton, WA6M
5-Scott WestleyCentralia, WA93
6-Zack SimpsonHoquiam, WA12

USAC Midgets

A Feature

11Chase GoetzSnohomish, WA91
22Garett ThomasMcCleary, WA14
34Ariel BiggsHoquiam, WA11E
43Hannah LindquistShoreline, WA3H
55Jeremy MillerMontesano, WA44

Heat 1

1-Chase GoetzSnohomish, WA91
2-Garett ThomasMcCleary, WA14
3-Hannah LindquistShoreline, WA3H
4-Ariel BiggsHoquiam, WA11E
5-Jeremy MillerMontesano, WA44


1-Garett ThomasMcCleary, WA14
2-Chase GoetzSnohomish, WA91
3-Ariel BiggsHoquiam, WA11E
4-Jeremy MillerMontesano, WA44
5-Hannah LindquistShoreline, WA3H

Street Stocks

A Feature

11Jason ToleHoquiam, WA34
22Jack ParshallHoquiam, WA9
35Cory SweatmanCosmopolis, WA11
43Eddie BloodOlympia, WA97
512Don BriggsWishkah, WA13XXX
68Ryan HaneyElma, WA67
713Kelly Fugate22X
86Mike ClingenOcasta, WA91
910Will MadisonSequim, WA4X
1015Tim Phillips3X
119Andy SchmidtSpanaway, WA3
127Mike KnoxTacoma, WA40
1317Doug BrewsterSpanaway, WA2
144Ross WatkinsSouth Prarie, WA11X
1514Jason LawantLakewood, WA7
1616George MadisonSequim, WA4
1711Tom HeckerSpanaway, WA5
DNS-Austin KerriganAberdeen, WAAK47
DNS-Shane KerriganAberdeen, WA43

Dash 1

1-Jason ToleHoquiam, WA34
2-Eddie BloodOlympia, WA97
3-Jack ParshallHoquiam, WA9
4-Ross WatkinsSouth Prarie, WA11X
5-Austin KerriganAberdeen, WAAK47
6-Mike KnoxTacoma, WA40

Heat 1

1-Jason ToleHoquiam, WA34
2-Austin KerriganAberdeen, WAAK47
3-Mike ClingenOcasta, WA91
4-Tom HeckerSpanaway, WA5
5-Don BriggsWishkah, WA13XXX
6-Tim Phillips3X
DNS-Jason LawantLakewood, WA7

Heat 2

1-Jack ParshallHoquiam, WA9
2-Eddie BloodOlympia, WA97
3-Cory SweatmanCosmopolis, WA11
4-Ryan HaneyElma, WA67
5-Will MadisonSequim, WA4X
6-Kelly Fugate22X

Heat 3

1-Shane KerriganAberdeen, WA43
2-Ross WatkinsSouth Prarie, WA11X
3-Mike KnoxTacoma, WA40
4-Andy SchmidtSpanaway, WA3
5-Doug BrewsterSpanaway, WA2
DNS-George MadisonSequim, WA4


1-Jason ToleHoquiam, WA34
2-Jack ParshallHoquiam, WA9
3-Shane KerriganAberdeen, WA43
4-Tom HeckerSpanaway, WA5
5-Eddie BloodOlympia, WA97
6-Ross WatkinsSouth Prarie, WA11X
7-Austin KerriganAberdeen, WAAK47
8-Ryan HaneyElma, WA67
9-Mike KnoxTacoma, WA40
10-Don BriggsWishkah, WA13XXX
11-Kelly Fugate22X
12-Andy SchmidtSpanaway, WA3
13-Mike ClingenOcasta, WA91
14-Will MadisonSequim, WA4X
15-Doug BrewsterSpanaway, WA2
16-Tim Phillips3X
17-Cory SweatmanCosmopolis, WA11
18-George MadisonSequim, WA4
19-Jason LawantLakewood, WA7
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