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Blood Earns First GHR Win
Drivers Strongly Urged to Avoid I-5 in Olympia over Next Two Weekends
Winebarger Picks Up Modified Win on Outlaw Night!
Grays Harbor Gives Schatz His 20th Win of the Season
Heath Claims Summer Thunder Title
Blood Earns First GHR Win

Blood Earns First GHR Win

9/15/2014 -
With the season winding down, Grays Harbor Raceway had another Saturday night of action packed racing, with the USAC Northwest HPD Midget Series, Cut Rate Auto Parts Street Stocks, Shipwreck Bead's Modifieds, and the Outlaw Tuners
Drivers Strongly Urged to Avoid I-5 in Olympia over Next Two Weekends

Drivers Strongly Urged to Avoid I-5 in...

9/10/2014 -
WSDOT Communications - The busy Interstate 5/US 101 interchange in Olympia will be the focus of vital bridge structural repair work over the weekends of Sept. 12 and Sept. 19. Preparations for the two weekends will require lane
Winebarger Picks Up Modified Win on Outlaw Night!

Winebarger Picks Up Modified Win on...

9/3/2014 -
The Shipwreck Beads Modifieds were on tap with a loaded 25 lap feature. 24 cars signed in at the back gate, and all 24 would start the feature. Seabeck's Craig Moore would start on the front row with Chris Quinn of Vancouver. As
Grays Harbor Gives Schatz His 20th Win of the Season

Grays Harbor Gives Schatz His 20th Win...

9/2/2014 -
After winning Monday night's Lucky Eagle Casino Outlaw Invasion at Grays Harbor Raceway, Donny Schatz has entered territory few other World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series drivers before him have ever been in. With his 20th win
Heath Claims Summer Thunder Title

Heath Claims Summer Thunder Title

9/1/2014 -
With a lot of racing between Skagit, and Grays Harbor Raceway this weekend, the Summer Thunder Sprint Series made it's final stop to the 3/8's banked clay oval and would crown a champion. Also on tap were the Sportsman Sprints and
  • Grays Harbor Raceway
  • 32 Elma McCleary Road
  • Elma, WA 98541
  • 360-482-4374

Event Profile

10/5/2013 at Grays Harbor Raceway

10/5/2013 at Grays Harbor Raceway

Elma, WA

Swatzina, Parshall, And Ploeg Earn October GHR Victories

Swatzina, Parshall, And Ploeg Earn October GHR Victories
Swatzina, Parshall, And Ploeg Earn October GHR Victories
Swatzina, Parshall, And Ploeg Earn October GHR Victories
Swatzina, Parshall, And Ploeg Earn October GHR Victories

Swatzina, Parshall, And Ploeg Earn October GHR Victories
By Ben Deatherage
(Photos Courtesy of Aaron Reed)
Despite being out of action for the last few weeks Grays Harbor Raceway put on some great racing Saturday October 5th to close out the season. Classes that were in action for the final race of 2013 were the Northwest Extreme Winged Sprints, Cut Rate Auto Parts Street Stocks, and Hornets.

In the Northwest Extreme Winged Sprint several teams showed up to the fifth ever race for the class at GHR. In fact it would be an all-time high car count for the division with drivers signing in on the registration sheets from the states of Washington and Oregon as well as the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta.

After a couple of opening lap incidents the race would finally get under way with Sedro-Woolley’s Cory Swatzina seizing the race lead. Swatzina would pace the field for several laps before the Millstone Heating/Shark Racing Engines #29 of Robbie Price from Cobble Hill, British Columbia began to reel him and put pressure on the leader.

Price unfortunately would get caught up in an incident while battling for the lead in lapped traffic on lap thirteen. Cory Swatzina would lead the rest of the way to put his D.K. Systems Inc./Carl’s Towing #2 in victory lane for the first time at Grays Harbor Raceway. Swatzina would become the fourth different Northwest Extreme Sprint feature winner in five races since October of 2012 at GHR.

Zach McCabe of Arlington would end his evening in second place in the McCabe Motorsports/XXX Race Co. #46 XXX followed by Turnbull Motorsports/ Enforcer Clothing Inc. #38 mount of Kenny Rutz from Langley, British Columbia. Completing the top five finishers were Steve Reeves in the #78 machine from Valleyview, Alberta in fourth and Sedro-Woolley pilot Mike Murphy in his #15 ending the night in fifth. Earlier in the evening Kenny Rutz would break his own track record he established the year before by clocking in at a blistering 12.212 seconds.

The Cut Rate Auto Parts Street Stocks put on one heck of a show despite the point championship already being decided. A good three car battle for the lead would be waged for a good portion of the race. The drivers bidding for the lead were Hoquiam drivers Jason Tole and Jack Parshall while Kenny Cloutier from Edmonton, Alberta also was in the hunt.

The three drivers would battle hard for the win but tragedy would strike on lap twenty when the Western Washington Construction/Crowell Brothers Automotive #34 Camaro, and 2013 Cut Rate Auto Parts Street Stock champ, of Jason Tole would have mechanical problems and the #59 entry of Canadian Kenny Cloutier would have a flat tire. This would allow Jack Parshall to have some breathing room and would lead the rest of the distance for the victory. It would mark the second time that Parshall’s Jacknut Apparel/CNK Machine #9 Camaro had visited victory lane in 2013.

The #AK47 Mustang of Austin Kerrigan of Aberdeen was second while third went to the Sam's Auto Repair/Desperado Express #40 of Mike Knox from Tacoma. Crossing the stripe in fourth was Olympia’s Eddie Blood, driving his Eddie's Automotive/Fusion Graphix #97 Malibu, and Brenton Schnitzer from McCleary was fifth in the #5S machine.

It was an exciting Hornet feature with a little bit of some bumping and banging taking place. Ocean Shores driver Jeff Daniel was the car to beat early in the night in his Pure Clothing/John L. Scott Real Estate/John's Plumbing #14 entry. Daniel would lead the main event for quite some time before being overtaken by Matt Ploeg. Ploeg would check out from the rest of the once he secured the lead and would put his #24 car in the winner’s circle in his first visit of the year.

Well race fans that will do it for the 2013 season we hope you enjoyed all the action from start to finish as much as we have. Be sure and keep an eye on our website for interviews and stories as well as the latest press releases regarding 2014. As for drivers we will see everyone at the championship banquet on Saturday November 16th in Portland. For more information be sure and check out

Race Summary:
Saturday October 5th, 2013
Grays Harbor Raceway
Elma, Washington

Cut Rate Auto Parts Street Stocks
A Feature: 1. 9-Jack Parshall[1]; 2. AK47-Austin Kerrigan[3]; 3. 40-Mike Knox[9]; 4. 97-Eddie Blood[5]; 5. 5S-Brenton Schnitzer[6]; 6. 4XXX-Don Briggs Sr.[7]; 7. 3-Andy Schmidt[12]; 8. 2-Doug Brewster[10]; 9. 34-Jason Tole[2]; 10. 59-Kenny Cloutier[4]; 11. 67-Ryan Haney[8]; 12. 13XXX-Don Briggs[11]; 13. 2X-Mike Brewster[14]; 14. 5-Tom Hecker[13]

Dash: 1. 9-Jack Parshall[4]; 2. 59-Kenny Cloutier[1]; 3. 34-Jason Tole[3]; 4. 40-Mike Knox[2]

Heat 1: 1. 9-Jack Parshall[5]; 2. AK47-Austin Kerrigan[3]; 3. 59-Kenny Cloutier[6]; 4. 67-Ryan Haney[4]; 5. 2-Doug Brewster[8]; 6. 22X-Kelly Fugate[7]; 7. 3-Andy Schmidt[1]

Heat 2: 1. 34-Jason Tole[6]; 2. 97-Eddie Blood[2]; 3. 5S-Brenton Schnitzer[1]; 4. 4XXX-Don Briggs Sr.[7]; 5. 13XXX-Don Briggs[3]; 6. 40-Mike Knox[5]; 7. 2X-Mike Brewster[4]

Qualifying: 1. 9-Jack Parshall; 2. 34-Jason Tole; 3. 59-Kenny Cloutier; 4. 40-Mike Knox; 5. AK47-Austin Kerrigan; 6. 13XXX-Don Briggs; 7. 67-Ryan Haney; 8. 97-Eddie Blood; 9. 3-Andy Schmidt; 10. 5S-Brenton Schnitzer; 11. 22X-Kelly Fugate; 12. 2X-Mike Brewster; 13. 2-Doug Brewster; 14. 5-Tom Hecker; 15. 4XXX-Don Briggs Sr.

NW Extreme Winged Sprints
A Feature: 1. 2-Cory Swatzina[4]; 2. 46-Zach McCabe[5]; 3. 38-Ken Rutz[1]; 4. 78-Steve Reeves[2]; 5. 15-Mike Murphy[11]; 6. 10-Justin Popple[9]; 7. 29-Robbie Price[3]; 8. 4B-Cale Brooke[10]; 9. 17-Cory Samuelson[6]; 10. 33-Bill Rude[7]; 11. 13A-Ashley Lewellen[8]; DNS 50-Brad Rhodes; DNS 23-Steve Parker

Dash: 1. 2-Cory Swatzina[1]; 2. 29-Robbie Price[2]; 3. 78-Steve Reeves[3]

Heat 1: 1. 38-Ken Rutz[2]; 2. 33-Bill Rude[3]; 3. 2-Cory Swatzina[1]; 4. 17-Cory Samuelson[6]; 5. 10-Justin Popple[5]; 6. 13A-Ashley Lewellen[4]

Heat 2: 1. 78-Steve Reeves[1]; 2. 29-Robbie Price[2]; 3. 46-Zach McCabe[4]; 4. 4B-Cale Brooke[6]; 5. 50-Brad Rhodes[5]; 6. 15-Mike Murphy[3]

Qualifying: 1. 38-Ken Rutz; 2. 78-Steve Reeves; 3. 2-Cory Swatzina; 4. 29-Robbie Price; 5. 33-Bill Rude; 6. 46-Zach McCabe; 7. 13A-Ashley Lewellen; 8. 50-Brad Rhodes; 9. 17-Cory Samuelson; 10. 4B-Cale Brooke; 11. 10-Justin Popple; 12. 15-Mike Murphy


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