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Champions 4 Community Food and Toy Drive
Get Your Banquet Tickets Now!
Carrell Captures Inaugural WA Mod Tour Title!
VanDam, Asche, Schnitzer & Wright Capitalize on Championship Night
Parshall Seeks Second Championship
Champions 4 Community Food and Toy Drive

Champions 4 Community Food and Toy Drive

11/22/2015 -
Grays Harbor Raceway along with the 2015 class champions are teaming up for the "Champions 4 Community Food & Toy Drive" this Christmas season. The champion drivers will spend an afternoon shopping for food for the area food banks
Get Your Banquet Tickets Now!

Get Your Banquet Tickets Now!

10/19/2015 -
The 2015 racing season is over but that means the party is just getting started! Please join us on November 7th for the Night of Champions Awards Banquet at the Grays Harbor Raceway Exhibition Hall. Drivers and car owners for
Carrell Captures Inaugural WA Mod Tour Title!

Carrell Captures Inaugural WA Mod Tour...

10/6/2015 -
Mark Carrell spent most of the 2015 season at the helm of the Washington Modified Tour points standings and on Saturday night at Grays Harbor Raceway, sealed the deal to claim the inaugural Washington Modified Tour points
VanDam, Asche, Schnitzer & Wright Capitalize on Championship Night

VanDam, Asche, Schnitzer & Wright...

10/5/2015 -
The sun shined bright for the 2015 Grays Harbor Raceway Season Championship presented by Q-Mart on Saturday night with a very good field of cars in all classes. Champions were crowned in the 360 Sprint Cars, Cut Rate Auto Parts
Parshall Seeks Second Championship

Parshall Seeks Second Championship

10/2/2015 -
Elma, WA -- For Jack Parshall, there's only one plan when his number 9 machine rolls off the trailer: win. The 2014 Grays Harbor Raceway Street Stock champion, Parshall now leads the field into the Q-Mart Season Championships by
  • 32 Elma McCleary Road
  • Elma, WA 98541
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Event Profile

8/24/2013 at Grays Harbor Raceway

8/24/2013 at Grays Harbor Raceway

PEPSI Presents: The Open Wheel Frenzy | Elma, WA

Moore, Goetz, And Margeson Back In GHR Victory Lane

Moore, Goetz, And Margeson Back In GHR Victory Lane

Moore, Goetz, And Margeson Back In GHR Victory Lane
By Ben Deatherage
(Photos Courtesy of Aaron Reed)
Saturday August 24th would be the Pepsi Open Wheel Frenzy at Grays Harbor Raceway and would feature three classes full of thrills and excitement. The Northwest Wingless Tour was back in the house along with the USAC Ford Focus Midgets and the Shipwreck Beads IMCA Modifieds.

The Northwest Wingless Tour main event seen Evan Margeson in dominant form. The Tacoma native would put his TFC Plating #50 XXX in front early and looked to earn his first career victory with the series. There would be a couple of stoppages after a couple of cars would get upside down but fortunately all drivers were okay.

During the last restart Margeson would lose the lead, due to a tire going down, to Mike Romig of Vancouver. Romig, in his Herz Precision Parts/Rabourn Performance #22 Eagle, would lose the lead a few laps later to Margeson. Margeson would pace the field for the rest of the distance to earn his first win with the Northwest Wingless Tour and his second victory of 2013 at GHR. The night would also be a clean sweep for Margeson as he would set fast time of the night and win the heat race.

Mike Romig was a respectable runner-up followed by Astoria, Oregon’s Rich Kelley in the Pick It Powdercoating/ASK Engineering #91 entry. In fourth was Rob Lindsey of Wilsonville, Oregon in his Maxline Cases/Speedmart Inc. #23 XXX and Albany, Oregon’s Sterling Kane crossed the line in fifth in the Fuel Injection Enterprises #89 XXX.

Chase Goetz continues his reign on the USAC Ford Focus Midgets as he would capture his fifth win at Grays Harbor. Geotz, driving the Great Western Transport/Elma Lanes #91 Beast, would take care of business to pick up the triumph on his sixteenth birthday. He would get some pressure late in the race but Goetz would keep all challengers in check.

Garrett Thomas of Montesano was second in the Olson Landscaping/Martelli Distributing #14 Beast while behind him in third was the Don Emory owned Jacknut Apparel #11E of Ariel Biggs from McCleary. The #3H of Hannah Lindquist was fourth and earning fifth would be Bothell’s Todd Hartman in his #21 mount.

Last but certainly not least the Shipwreck Beads IMCA Modifieds would thrill the crowd on hand with some wonderful side-by-side racing and a late race pass for the win. Shelton’s Kris Asche would put his #50 Renegade to the front in the early goings but challenger would put the pressure on him before too long.

Shelton’s Scott Miller, in the Blue Bear Park/Blondie’s Restaurant #26 Shaw, would make a move to get him the lead on lap nine only for Asche to get by on the next lap. Miller and Asche would again exchange the lead on several occasions until Miller would secure it briefly for a couple of laps.

A late race caution would bunch the field up and bring into the fight for the lead Craig Moore of Seabeck. Moore, in his Power Punch Oil Supplements/DNC Competition Engines/Williams Family Salsa #14M GRT, would grab the top spot on lap eighteen only to lose it to Miller on lap twenty. It looked as if Miller would visit victory lance for the second time this year as he looked to close out the final ten laps out in front.

Miller would pace the field to the white flag and still maintained the desired position heading in the final set of turns. However Moore would make a bonsai move around Miller to obtain the lead in turns three and four to get him mount out in front and cross the line first to earn the victory. It would mark his second trip to victory lane in 2013 with the Shipwreck Beads IMCA Modifieds at GHR.

Scott Miller would earn the second spot over Kris Asche in third. The balance of the top five would consist of the Wishkah Iron Works/Ozman Services Inc./Powertrain Applications #75X Skyrocket of Joe German from Wishkah in fourth and the DNC Competition Engines/Williams Family Salsa #K14 Dirt Works of Kyler Moore, also from Seabeck, in fifth.

Grays Harbor Raceway will be the place to be this coming weekend as they will host three consecutive nights of racing starting Saturday August 31st. Billed as the Harbor Classic Weekend Saturday evening will consist of the Northwest Extreme Late Model Series, Shipwreck Beads IMCA Modifieds, USAC Ford Focus Midgets, and the Cut Rate Auto Parts Street Stocks. Classes competing on Sunday September 1st will be the Northwest Extreme Late Model Series, Northwest Extreme Winged Sprints, Shipwreck Beads IMCA Modifieds, USAC Ford Focus Midgets, and the Cut Rate Auto Parts Street Stocks.

Finally on Monday September 2nd the Harbor Classic Weekend will conclude with the return of the World of Outlaw Sprint Car Series. Playing the role as support class for the night is going to be the Northwest Extreme Winged Sprints. We hope everyone can make it out and enjoy these three great nights. For ticket information and times log on to or call the Northwest Hotline at (360)-699-RACE.

Race Summary:
Pepsi Open Wheel Frenzy
Saturday August 24th, 2013
Grays Harbor Raceway
Elma, Washington

Shipwreck Beads IMCA Modifieds
A Feature: 1. 14M-Craig Moore[2]; 2. 26-Scott Miller[5]; 3. 50K-Kris Asche[1]; 4. 75X-Joe German[13]; 5. 14K-Kyler Moore[11]; 6. 6M-Alan Muenchow[12]; 7. 12-Zack Simpson[6]; 8. 55-Carl Larson[4]; 9. 44-Del Schnitzer[9]; 10. 73-Bryan Gray[8]; 11. 8-Jeff Foster[3]; 12. 11-Tom Sweatman[7]; 13. 34-Gene Miller[10]; DNS 4R-Bill Rowe; DNS 1W-Randy Ward

Heat 1: 1. 8-Jeff Foster[1]; 2. 50K-Kris Asche[2]; 3. 75X-Joe German[4]; 4. 12-Zack Simpson[3]; 5. 44-Del Schnitzer[6]; 6. 73-Bryan Gray[5]; 7. 6M-Alan Muenchow[7]; DNS 1W-Randy Ward

Heat 2: 1. 11-Tom Sweatman[2]; 2. 14M-Craig Moore[1]; 3. 26-Scott Miller[4]; 4. 14K-Kyler Moore[5]; 5. 55-Carl Larson[3]; 6. 34-Gene Miller[6]; DNS 4R-Bill Rowe

USAC Midgets
A Feature: 1. 91-Chase Goetz[1]; 2. 14-Garett Thomas[7]; 3. 11E-Ariel Biggs[2]; 4. 3H-Hannah Lindquist[5]; 5. 21-Todd Hartman[3]; 6. 44-Jeremy Miller[4]; 7. 3S-Jared Peterson[6]

Heat 1: 1. 91-Chase Goetz[3]; 2. 21-Todd Hartman[2]; 3. 11E-Ariel Biggs[6]; 4. 44-Jeremy Miller[4]; 5. 3H-Hannah Lindquist[5]; 6. 3S-Jared Peterson[7]; 7. 14-Garett Thomas[1]

Qualifying: 1. 3S-Jared Peterson; 2. 3H-Hannah Lindquist; 3. 44-Jeremy Miller; 4. 91-Chase Goetz; 5. 14-Garett Thomas; 6. 21-Todd Hartman; 7. 11E-Ariel Biggs

Northwest Wingless Tour
A Feature: 1. 50-Evan Margeson[1]; 2. 22-Mike Romig[5]; 3. 91-Rich Kelly[6]; 4. 23-Rob Lindsey[2]; 5. 89-Sterling Kane[7]; 6. 10W-Bill Winsley[4]; DNS 69X-Jeff Bell

Heat 1: 1. 50-Evan Margeson[4]; 2. 23-Rob Lindsey[5]; 3. 69X-Jeff Bell[1]; 4. 10W-Bill Winsley[3]; 5. 22-Mike Romig[2]; 6. 91-Rich Kelly[7]; DNS 89-Sterling Kane

Qualifying: 1. 50-Evan Margeson; 2. 10W-Bill Winsley; 3. 22-Mike Romig; 4. 69X-Jeff Bell; 5. 23-Rob Lindsey; 6. 89-Sterling Kane; 7. 91-Rich Kelly

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Moore, Goetz, And Margeson Back In GHR Victory Lane
Moore, Goetz, And Margeson Back In GHR Victory Lane
Moore, Goetz, And Margeson Back In GHR Victory Lane
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