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Rudeen Racing Brings NASCAR Driver Tayler Malsam to Yakima!
SpeedMart and Highline Performance Add to Summer Thunder Point Fund.. Now at $10,000!!
Washington Modified Tour
Youngquist Ready for Yakima Opener
Yakima Challenge Camping Info
Rudeen Racing Brings NASCAR Driver Tayler Malsam to Yakima!

Rudeen Racing Brings NASCAR Driver...

4/1/2015 -
Excitement is coming to the Yakima Fairgrounds Dirt Track on Saturday night, April 4th as Nascar Camping World Truck driver Tayler Malsam has confirmed his entry with the Rudeen Racing #26 at the season opener for the Summer
SpeedMart and Highline Performance Add to Summer Thunder Point Fund.. Now at $10,000!!

SpeedMart and Highline Performance Add...

3/31/2015 -
The Summer Thunder Sprint Series has been growing since the day it went on the drawing board. This season the tour has added the Yakima Dirt Track to the schedule bringing the total of events to 12. Here 2 Wire and Finishline
Washington Modified Tour

Washington Modified Tour

3/27/2015 -
Funtime Promotions is pleased to announce the formation of the ‘Washington Modified Tour’. The 11 race series will compete at 3 Washington tracks from April through September. “The modifieds are the fastest growing class in the
Youngquist Ready for Yakima Opener

Youngquist Ready for Yakima Opener

3/19/2015 -
One of the bright shining young stars of the Northwest Sprint Car scene is amped up to kick off his 2015 race season with the Summer Thunder Sprint Car Series at the Yakima Fairgrounds Dirt Track on April 4th. Burlington, WA’s
Yakima Challenge Camping Info

Yakima Challenge Camping Info

3/17/2015 -
The Yakima Fairgrounds will offer overnight camping beginning Friday, April 3 through Saturday night, April 4. Each camping site includes power, water, and access to the fairground's shower facilities for just $25 per
  • 32 Elma McCleary Road
  • Elma, WA 98541
  • 360-482-4374

Event Profile

8/31/2013 at Grays Harbor Raceway

8/31/2013 at Grays Harbor Raceway

Harbor Classic Weekend | Elma, WA

Walters, Muenchow, Goetz, And Tole Earn Wins At First Night Of Harbor Classic Weekend

Walters, Muenchow, Goetz, And Tole Earn Wins At First Night Of Harbor Classic Weekend
Walters, Muenchow, Goetz, And Tole Earn Wins At First Night Of Harbor Classic Weekend
Walters, Muenchow, Goetz, And Tole Earn Wins At First Night Of Harbor Classic Weekend
Walters, Muenchow, Goetz, And Tole Earn Wins At First Night Of Harbor Classic Weekend
Walters, Muenchow, Goetz, And Tole Earn Wins At First Night Of Harbor Classic Weekend

Walters, Muenchow, Goetz, And Tole Earn Wins At First Night Of Harbor Classic Weekend
By Ben Deatherage
(Photos Courtesy of Jim Marshall)
The first ever Harbor Classic Weekend officially kicked off Saturday August 31st at the Grays Harbor Raceway. A good car count was on hand for all four classes in attendance. The Northwest Extreme Late Model Series was back in action along with the Shipwreck Beads IMCA Modifieds, Cut Rate Auto Parts Street Stocks, and USAC Ford Focus Midgets.

Greg Walters, of Banks, Oregon, was dominant in his T&G Trucking/American Landscaping #97 Victory Circle in the Northwest Extreme Late Model Series main event. Earning the lead on lap four he would set a rapid pace and build a huge lead. Walters couldn’t quite get to lapped traffic due to caution flag periods but on the restarts he would be able to rebuild a massive gap between himself and second place.

Nonetheless Walters would cruise to the victory marking his sixth with the series this year and his second career triumph at GHR with the Northwest Extreme Late Model Series. Walters has now become the third different winner in three different races with the tour in 2013 when the have visited the famed 3/8-mile clay oval.

Collen Winebarger of Corbett, Oregon would finish in the runner-up spot chauffeuring his Discount Race Car Parts/All In Property Investments/Hillsboro Vac & Sew #1 MasterSbilt followed by Vancouver’s Jerry Schram who would place third in the Schram Brothers Excavating/Century III Stables/BDR Racing #16 MasterSbilt. Local favorite Joe German from Wishkah would place fourth in the Ozman Services Inc./CCS Industrial Services #75X Rayburn for car owner Phil Vinson while completing the top five in fifth would be the Myers Racing/Baxter's Auto Parts/Powell Motors #9 Rayburn of Salem, Oregon’s Jacob Myers.

In the Shipwreck Beads IMCA Modifieds it was a giant slaying come feature time. After receiving the lead on lap twelve the Forever Powdercoating/Advanced Auto Services/Fusion Graphix #6M Jet of Alan Muenchow from Shelton would hold on to the lead to pick up the victory. For Muenchow it was his first career win at Grays Harbor Raceway and there were all smiles in victory lane as they celebrated.

Joe German, doing double duty, was second in his Wishkah Iron Works/Ozman Services Inc./Powertrain Application #75X Skyrocket while behind him in third was Sprint Car regular Reece Goetz of Snohomish driving the Jerry Schram owned Schram Brothers Excavating/Century III Stables/BDR Racing #16 mount. The balance of the top five finishers would consist of the Sweatman Trucking/Ewing Engines/D&D Dyno #11 Shaw of Tom Sweatman from Cosmopolis in fourth and the Blue Bear Park/Blondie’s Restaurant #26 Shaw of Shelton’s Scott Miller in fifth.

The Cut Rate Auto Parts Street Stocks had a thriller of a main event. Jack Parshall and Jason Tole would put on a terrific battle as both drivers were looking to put their machines back in the winner’s circle. Parshall, of Hoquiam in his Jacknut Apparel/C&K Machine #9 Camaro, would lead the vast majority of laps before losing it in lapped traffic on the twentieth circuit.

The lead would be taken over by another Hoquiam driver, Jason Tole. Tole would stay out in front for the remainder of the distance to win the main event. For Tole it would be the seventh time in 2013 that he has parked his Western Washington Construction/Crowell Brothers Automotive #34 entry in victory lane at GHR.

Parshall would finish a respectable second followed by the Sweatman Trucking/D&D Automotive/Ewing Engines #11 machine of Cory Sweatman out of Cosmopolis. Ending the night in fourth place would be Olympia’s Eddie Blood in his Eddie's Automotive/Fusion Graphix #97 Malibu while crossing the stripe in fifth was the Custom Fiberglass/Conger Racing #13XXX of Wishkah’s Don Briggs Jr.

Last but not least the USAC Ford Focus Midgets were in the house. Chase Goetz of Snohomish was very quick as he would seize the initial lead of the main event and dominate the competition. Goetz would win the feature making it the sixth in 2013 that the Great Western Transport/Elma Lanes #91 Beast has paid a visit to the winner’s circle at Grays Harbor.

The Olson Landscaping/Martelli Distributing #14 Beast of McCleary’s Garrett Thomas would finish in second while posting a third place finish would be the Don Emory owned Jacknut Apparel/ MASCO Petroleum #11E mount piloted by Ariel Biggs. Shoreline driver Hannah Lindquist and her #3H machine would finish in fourth and behind her in fifth was the MASCO Petroleum #44 Beast of Jeremy Miller from Elma.

The Grays Harbor Raceway will be back in action on Sunday September 1st for the second night of competition for the Harbor Classic Weekend. Classes featured will include the Northwest Extreme Late Model Series, Shipwreck Beads IMCA Modifieds, Cut Rate Auto Parts Street Stocks, and USAC Ford Focus Midgets. Also on hand will be the Northwest Extreme Winged Sprints. Don’t forget that the finale of the Harbor Classic Weekend will be Monday September 2nd as the World of Outlaw Sprint Series return to GHR. For more information log on to or call the Northwest Information Hotline at (360)-699-RACE.

Race Summary:
Harbor Classic Weekend Night #1
Saturday August 31st, 2013
Grays Harbor Raceway
Elma, Washington

NW Extreme Late Models
A Feature: 1. 97-Greg Walters[5]; 2. 1-Collen Winebarger[9]; 3. 16-Jerry Schram[12]; 4. 75X-Joe German[3]; 5. 9-Jacob Myers[4]; 6. 79-Brad Martin[10]; 7. 8-Brandon Potter[11]; 8. 28-Bob Trout[8]; 9. 88-John Gamell[6]; 10. 20-Josh Sim[1]; 11. 76-Jason Johnson[7]; 12. 09-Robert Duncan[2]; 13. 18-Justin King[13]

Dash: 1. 28-Bob Trout; 2. 16-Jerry Schram; 3. 1-Collen Winebarger; 4. 88-John Gamell

Heat 1: 1. 1-Collen Winebarger; 2. 28-Bob Trout; 3. 9-Jacob Myers; 4. 20-Josh Sim; 5. 18-Justin King; 6. 97-Greg Walters

Heat 2: 1. 16-Jerry Schram; 2. 88-John Gamell; 3. 75X-Joe German; 4. 79-Brad Martin; 5. 8-Brandon Potter; 6. 09-Robert Duncan; 7. 76-Jason Johnson

Qualifying: 1. 1-Collen Winebarger; 2. 16-Jerry Schram; 3. 28-Bob Trout; 4. 76-Jason Johnson; 5. 97-Greg Walters; 6. 88-John Gamell; 7. 9-Jacob Myers; 8. 75X-Joe German; 9. 20-Josh Sim; 10. 09-Robert Duncan; 11. 18-Justin King; 12. 79-Brad Martin

Shipwreck Beads IMCA Modifieds
A Feature: 1. 6M-Alan Muenchow[4]; 2. 75X-Joe German[7]; 3. 11-Tom Sweatman[8]; 4. 16-Jerry Schram[10]; 5. 26-Scott Miller[5]; 6. 55-Carl Larson[1]; 7. 66-Doug Lockwood[11]; 8. 58-James Wolford[12]; 9. 3M-Josh Muller[9]; 10. 93-Scott Westley[2]; 11. 44-Del Schnitzer[3]; 12. 12-Zack Simpson[6]

Heat 1: 1. 26-Scott Miller; 2. 16-Jerry Schram; 3. 75X-Joe German; 4. 55-Carl Larson; 5. 66-Doug Lockwood; 6. 44-Del Schnitzer; DNS 8-Jeff Foster

Heat 2: 1. 11-Tom Sweatman; 2. 3M-Josh Muller; 3. 58-James Wolford; 4. 6M-Alan Muenchow; 5. 93-Scott Westley; 6. 12-Zack Simpson

USAC Midgets
A Feature: 1. 91-Chase Goetz[1]; 2. 14-Garett Thomas[2]; 3. 11E-Ariel Biggs[4]; 4. 3H-Hannah Lindquist[3]; 5. 44-Jeremy Miller[5]

Heat: 1. 91-Chase Goetz; 2. 14-Garett Thomas; 3. 3H-Hannah Lindquist; 4. 11E-Ariel Biggs; 5. 44-Jeremy Miller

Qualifying: 1. 14-Garett Thomas; 2. 91-Chase Goetz; 3. 11E-Ariel Biggs; 4. 44-Jeremy Miller; 5. 3H-Hannah Lindquist

Cut Rate Auto Parts Street Stocks
A Feature: 1. 34-Jason Tole[1]; 2. 9-Jack Parshall[2]; 3. 11-Cory Sweatman[5]; 4. 97-Eddie Blood[3]; 5. 13XXX-Don Briggs[12]; 6. 67-Ryan Haney[8]; 7. 22X-Kelly Fugate[13]; 8. 91-Mike Clingen[6]; 9. 4X-Will Madison[10]; 10. 3X-Tim Phillips[15]; 11. 3-Andy Schmidt[9]; 12. 40-Mike Knox[7]; 13. 2-Doug Brewster[17]; 14. 11X-Ross Watkins[4]; 15. 7-Jason Lawant[14]; 16. 4-George Madison[16]; 17. 5-Tom Hecker[11]; DNS AK47-Austin Kerrigan; DNS 43-Shane Kerrigan

Dash: 1. 34-Jason Tole; 2. 97-Eddie Blood; 3. 9-Jack Parshall; 4. 11X-Ross Watkins; 5. AK47-Austin Kerrigan; 6. 40-Mike Knox

Heat 1: 1. 34-Jason Tole; 2. AK47-Austin Kerrigan; 3. 91-Mike Clingen; 4. 5-Tom Hecker; 5. 13XXX-Don Briggs; 6. 3X-Tim Phillips; DNS 7-Jason Lawant

Heat 2: 1. 9-Jack Parshall; 2. 97-Eddie Blood; 3. 11-Cory Sweatman; 4. 67-Ryan Haney; 5. 4X-Will Madison; 6. 22X-Kelly Fugate
Heat 3: 1. 43-Shane Kerrigan; 2. 11X-Ross Watkins; 3. 40-Mike Knox; 4. 3-Andy Schmidt; 5. 2-Doug Brewster; DNS 4-George Madison

Qualifying: 1. 34-Jason Tole; 2. 9-Jack Parshall; 3. 43-Shane Kerrigan; 4. 5-Tom Hecker; 5. 97-Eddie Blood; 6. 11X-Ross Watkins; 7. AK47-Austin Kerrigan; 8. 67-Ryan Haney; 9. 40-Mike Knox; 10. 13XXX-Don Briggs; 11. 22X-Kelly Fugate; 12. 3-Andy Schmidt; 13. 91-Mike Clingen; 14. 4X-Will Madison; 15. 2-Doug Brewster; 16. 3X-Tim Phillips; 17. 11-Cory Sweatman; 18. 4-George Madison; 19. 7-Jason Lawant


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