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Champions 4 Community Food and Toy Drive
Get Your Banquet Tickets Now!
Carrell Captures Inaugural WA Mod Tour Title!
VanDam, Asche, Schnitzer & Wright Capitalize on Championship Night
Parshall Seeks Second Championship
Champions 4 Community Food and Toy Drive

Champions 4 Community Food and Toy Drive

11/22/2015 -
Grays Harbor Raceway along with the 2015 class champions are teaming up for the "Champions 4 Community Food & Toy Drive" this Christmas season. The champion drivers will spend an afternoon shopping for food for the area food banks
Get Your Banquet Tickets Now!

Get Your Banquet Tickets Now!

10/19/2015 -
The 2015 racing season is over but that means the party is just getting started! Please join us on November 7th for the Night of Champions Awards Banquet at the Grays Harbor Raceway Exhibition Hall. Drivers and car owners for
Carrell Captures Inaugural WA Mod Tour Title!

Carrell Captures Inaugural WA Mod Tour...

10/6/2015 -
Mark Carrell spent most of the 2015 season at the helm of the Washington Modified Tour points standings and on Saturday night at Grays Harbor Raceway, sealed the deal to claim the inaugural Washington Modified Tour points
VanDam, Asche, Schnitzer & Wright Capitalize on Championship Night

VanDam, Asche, Schnitzer & Wright...

10/5/2015 -
The sun shined bright for the 2015 Grays Harbor Raceway Season Championship presented by Q-Mart on Saturday night with a very good field of cars in all classes. Champions were crowned in the 360 Sprint Cars, Cut Rate Auto Parts
Parshall Seeks Second Championship

Parshall Seeks Second Championship

10/2/2015 -
Elma, WA -- For Jack Parshall, there's only one plan when his number 9 machine rolls off the trailer: win. The 2014 Grays Harbor Raceway Street Stock champion, Parshall now leads the field into the Q-Mart Season Championships by
  • 32 Elma McCleary Road
  • Elma, WA 98541
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Event Profile

7/27/2013 at Grays Harbor Raceway

7/27/2013 at Grays Harbor Raceway

14th Annual Shipwreck Beads NW Modified Nationals | Elma, WA

Jeremy Shank Wins The 2013 Shipwreck Beads Northwest Modified Nationals

Jeremy Shank Wins The 2013 Shipwreck Beads Northwest Modified Nationals

Jeremy Shank Wins The 2013 Shipwreck Beads Northwest Modified Nationals
By Ben Deatherage
(Photo Courtesy of Jim Marshall)
He would lead only five laps of the feature but it would be the final five laps. Jeremy Shank, making the tow from Salem, Oregon, would make a late race pass to win the 14th Annual Shipwreck Beads Northwest Modified Nationals at Grays Harbor Raceway in Elma, Washington. There would be three lead changes and several stoppages during the forty-lap finale but Shank, the former Willamette Speedway Late Model champion and two-time DIRTcar I-5 Northwest Late Model Tour titlist, would emerge victorious.

Leading the opening circuits was two-time and defending GHR track champion Joe German of Wishkah, Washington in his Wishkah Iron Works/Ozman Services Inc./Powertrain Application #75X Skyrocket entry. Taking full advantage of his pole starting position German would lead until Klamath Falls, Oregon’s Nick Trenchard made a sweeping pass around the high side on lap four at 3/8-mile clay oval facility.

Trenchard would be the car to beat as he would build a sizeable lead but the cautions would evaporate the large intervals he had developed. Trenchard, driving the Rich and Nicki Biehn owned Air Gas/FMD Graphics #54N Loose Gruff, would receive pressure on several restarts from Kyle Casson but each time Casson would make a move Trenchard was able to keep him in check.

As the circuits would wind down Kyle Casson, of Yreka, California, would put up a late race challenge for the lead. Casson would put his Ken’s Auto Glass/Rodgers Racing Engines #11K Rayburn mount briefly in the lead but would spin coming out of turn four in front of the field on lap thirty resulting in the final caution of the feature.

The ensuing restart would have the fans on their feet as Nick Trenchard and Jeremy Shank battled door-to-door for several laps. The Left Coast Motorsports/South Pacific Auto Sales and Service Center #30 Swartz, of Shank, would keep his faith on the bottom of the race track and would thread the needle to seize the lead out of turn four to lead lap thirty-six. The rest of the way Shank would keep the much desired position and win the race to become the seventh different winner in the last seven editions of the Shipwreck Beads Northwest Modified Nationals.

Unfortunately after the checkered flag a couple of cars were disqualified after rolling across the scales too light which would shake up the top five finishing order considerably. Jeremy Richey of Phoenix, Oregon in his Jahnke Heating & Air/Rapp Racing #15J J-Rich was the runner-up finisher followed by Craig Moore from Seabeck, Washington in third chauffeuring the Power Punch Oil Supplements/DNC Competition Engines/Williams Family Salsa #14 GRT after starting deep in the field in twenty-second place. Equally impressive was Vancouver, Washington driver Jerry Schram ending his night in fourth in the Schram Brothers Excavating/Century III Stables #16 mount after starting twenty-first while the top five would be completed with Joe German grabbing the fifth spot.

Gus Cooper of Creswell, Oregon would win the B-Main event in his Eastside Rollforming Specialties/BBQ Oil Barbeque Sauce #10 Pro and winning the C-Main was the Virgil Hanson Automotive Machine/BSB Manufacturing/James Gang Pizza #33C Shaw of Craig Hanson from Albany, Oregon. Winning the two Last Chance races were Jerry Schram and Craig Moore. In the first part of the night three trophy dashes were ran made up of competitors representing cars locked into the A, B, and C features. The winners of those respected dashes were Troy McElroy of Shady Cove Oregon in his T&K Services/Affordable Self Storage/Southside Tattoo #57M machine (A), Gus Cooper (B), and Hoquiam, Washington’s Zack Simpson in the C&K Machine/Jacknut Apparel/Dave’s Small Engine Repair #12 Shaw (C).

The Grays Harbor Raceway will have next weekend off but will return to 2013 racing action on Saturday August 10th. The date will be for the annual “Fair Race” taking place during the Grays Harbor County Fair. Classes that will be in action include the Shipwreck Beads IMCA Modifieds, USAC Ford Focus Midgets, Cut Rate Auto Parts Street Stocks, and Hornets. For more information log on to

Shipwreck Beads Northwest Modified Nationals
Saturday July 27th, 2013
Grays Harbor Raceway
Elma, Washington

A Feature: 1. 30-Jeremy Shank[9]; 2. 15J-Jeremy Richey[7]; 3. 14M-Craig Moore[22]; 4. 16-Jerry Schram[21]; 5. 75X-Joe German[1]; 6. S11-Blair Shoemaker[16]; 7. 83-Dane Smith[20]; 8. 34-Albert Gill[11]; 9. 11K-Kyle Casson[12]; 10. 11-Tom Sweatman[14]; 11. 68X-Jesse Bailey; 12. 33C-Craig Hanson[18]; 13. 9K-Morgan Criswell[23]; 14. 6M-Matt Jenner[24]; 15. 7-Sean Fox[19]; 16. 45S-Aaron Sheelar[13]; 17. 1M-Mark Wauge[5]; 18. 11X-Tom Berry Jr.[15]; 19. 8-Jeff Foster[3]; 20. 10-Gus Cooper[17]; 21. 15M-Matt Mitchell[6]; 22. 26-Scott Miller[2]; DNS 27-Mark Carrell; DQ 54N-Nick Trenchard[4]; DQ 57M-Troy McElroy[10]

B Feature 1: 1. 10-Gus Cooper; 2. 33C-Craig Hanson; 3. 7-Sean Fox; 4. 83-Dane Smith; 5. 9K-Morgan Criswell; 6. 6M-Matt Jenner; 7. 68X-Jesse Bailey; 8. 27EH!-Lawrence O'Connor; 9. 14K-Kyler Moore; 10. 26T-Todd Hardesty; 11. 24-Kevin Hewitt; 12. 58-James Wolford; 13. 53V-Jake Vanortwick; 14. 14M-Craig Moore; 15. 16-Jerry Schram; 16. 30A-David Day; 17. D4-Shawn Dorie; DNS 21C-Curt Coggins

C Feature 1: 1. 33C-Craig Hanson; 2. 16-Jerry Schram; 3. 12-Zack Simpson; 4. 46-David Bottoms; 5. 47-Larry Buchanan; 6. 47K-Kevin Keller; DNS 93-Scott Westley

Last Chance 1: 1. 16-Jerry Schram; 2. 9K-Morgan Criswell; 3. 68X-Jesse Bailey; 4. 12-Zack Simpson; 5. 24-Kevin Hewitt; 6. 14K-Kyler Moore; 7. 53V-Jake Vanortwick; 8. 93-Scott Westley; DNS D4-Shawn Dorie; DNS 47-Larry Buchanan

Last Chance 2: 1. 14M-Craig Moore; 2. 6M-Matt Jenner; 3. 26T-Todd Hardesty; 4. 30A-David Day; 5. 47K-Kevin Keller; 6. 46-David Bottoms; 7. 58-James Wolford; 8. 21C-Curt Coggins

A Dash 1: 1. 57M-Troy McElroy; 2. 27-Mark Carrell; 3. 54N-Nick Trenchard; 4. 1M-Mark Wauge; 5. 15J-Jeremy Richey; 6. 26-Scott Miller

B Dash 1: 1. 10-Gus Cooper; 2. 7-Sean Fox; 3. 27EH!-Lawrence O'Connor; 4. 68-Bubba Foster; 5. 14K-Kyler Moore; 6. 53V-Jake Vanortwick

C Dash 1: 1. 12-Zack Simpson; 2. 33C-Craig Hanson; 3. 46-David Bottoms; 4. 47K-Kevin Keller; 5. 47-Larry Buchanan; 6. 93-Scott Westley

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